Word Technical Drawing

The Word Technical Drawing Add-In enhances the Microsoft Office Word 2010 with the following drawing features: dimensioning, trimming, extending and pattern. Short description of these features and video tutorials of their use are presented on this page. The Add-In can be downloaded using the following link: Word Technical Drawing


The Dimensions feature enhances the Word with angular, linear and parallel dimensions.


The TrimExtend feature enables two not-parallel lines to be trimmed and/or extended to their intersection with one click.

Extend To

The ExtendTo feature can be used to extend one or more lines to the limiting line, which has to be selected as the last shape.


The Pattern feature adds the capability of adding angular and parallel patterns of lines and other shapes.

Shape To Lines

In order to use the Word Technical Drawing Add-In features the shapes used must be lines. The ShapeToLines feature converts the freeform shapes to lines and so enables the use of other features.